Fat is flavor! Or is it…

30 Mar

So I’m in this nutrition and sensory analysis class and the purpose of this segment is to teach poaching and steaming and the nutritional benefits of these preperations. We also study alternatives to fat, salt, and things like that. It’s a great class and, as are most of our classes, we’ve got an awesome and passionate instructor.  Chef Kevin Crawley’s been on the Food Network, he taught at Boston College, he has built some of the best restaurants in New England, put on all sorts of events…the guy’s got a CV a mile long!  I shouldn’t really write this, but I am gonna try to speak my mind at all times…I think he may be fairly new to the curriculum, but he’s VERY passionate about healthy eating and that makes him a perfect instructor for the course.

I had a conversation with him after class yesterday about career paths and a few other random thing.  We ended up talking about nutrition as a career choice.  I THINK he tried to sell me on getting into nutrition!!  Not that I mind.  Lets face it. It’s reality.  Believe me, having at once time weighed almost 400 pounds, I know!  But it really weighed on me heavy!  Even as I write this I’m considering the challenge I’m going to propose.  See, it goes a little something like this:

Anyone who’s watched cooking television has heard the words “Fat is Flavor” or “Bacon makes anything better”.  Go watch Paula Deen on The Food Network and I challenge you to find something she doesn’t put at least half a stick of butter in. Then I go back to nutrition class and I read about how there are all these alternatives to foods and if you put them in a side by side they are clearly different but on their own they taste amazing. Hell we even make some of them in class.  So my question is this.  If there are all these great food alternatives out there WHERE ARE THEY?  How come the average restaurant meal is 3000 calories.  Why, when I go out to eat, they label the “healthy” choices? And why in the HELL are we not teaching our chefs to think the other way around!?

Maybe it’s me.  I’m an outside the box thinker so I will admit I don’t always have the “mainstream” focus, but from the outside looking in, it seems to me that these nutritionists and nutrition activists have it ALL wrong.  We don’t need to be telling people what they should be eating.  We just need to feed them!  People run from nutritious food like the plague because they see tofu and taste cardboard and as nutrition minded people we try to analyze why.  It’s really simple. We make healthy eating appear to be something one should DO.  Well here’s a little hint that most people already know…people as a whole are lazy. It’s how we became the fattest nation in the world! They don’t want to DO anything.

I’m no entrepreneur and I’m no business genius, but as stated before…I love food!  And it seams to me that if we just stick these thing in the menu instead of making them seem “healthy” we’d be much more successful. Just like sex…FLAVOR sells…not nutrition.

I guarantee we’ll talk about this again.  I have a lot of thinking on this topic to do still.

Until next time…ciao



One Response to “Fat is flavor! Or is it…”

  1. Brandy March 30, 2011 at 11:39 am #

    You inspire me! Love you B!

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