Seasonal Ingredients (Rant)

2 Apr

Ok, so I work at this place that I wont mention…for now…and I saw something the other day that straight up PISSED ME OFF!

So I’m not a huge activist for things like sustainability and seasonal food sources….yet…but I think I’m getting there…

Anyway. We have several eggplant items on out menu. and the other day I was on the line and a check came in for an eggplant rollatini and on the bottom it said “additional food charge: $3.00”. And I’m thinking to myself…ok what am I supposed to add to this entree that the server forgot to put on the check, so I asked like any good cook should do. Her response? “We’ve been told that we have to add a 3.00 surcharge for eggplant.”

Now I already knew what the deal was…but I wanted to find out what was going on…so I played dumb, waited until the right time…and I asked the GM about it. Sure enough because “the price of eggplant had skyrocketed” we’re adding a 3 bucks to the check in ALL of our restaurants for every eggplant item.

My immediate, and I didn’t realize out loud, response was “Well no F’king $h!t dumma$$ they are almost 8 months out of season!”

Really?!?! What the hell?! Not only are we serving items that far out of season we’re turning the cost over to our customers? Ok, I know the customer has to pay the profit. I get it. But if WE’RE gonna be assanine enough to sell ingredients that are almost BACK in season again…we shouldn’t be able to just tack on 3 bucks per entree because a customer wants it…

What are your thoughts? Is this a sign of the times? Is this just the way “franchises” work? Is our exec a retard? I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts.


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