I ate what?

5 Apr

I know my last few blogs have been on the topic of nutrition. And I don’t want to sound like a bible-banging health freak (no offense to any bible-bangers or health freaks) but keep in mind, I “am” in a culinary nutrition class, who’s purpose is to teach us techniques we can use to make the food we make more nutritious as well as teach us that we have a responsibility to the people we cook for to not only make things taste good, but NOT kill them in the process.  Also keep in mind that I used to be a HUGE guy. 356 pounds to be exact. I’ve put my in my time in the nutrition ring.  However, I also LOVE bacon, and steak, and fat, and chocolate. Our bodies are wired for it!  The key is balance.

But that’s not what I’m writing about today.

You see, here at JWU I am what’s called a “campus resident” I live in the culinary dormitories on the Harborside campus.  With that comes lots of perks. Smelly roommates, loud neighbors, parties till 3am, rolling out of bed and being 300 feet from class, Oh yea…and MEAL SWIPES!  As a campus resident, you are REQUIRED to purchase a meal plan.  With this meal plan we have a few options meals.  One can travel via shuttle to a cafeteria style place where they serve from a variety of “stations” It’s a lot like you’d find in a large office building. The food is just about as good…and about as healthy. If you work, you can put a decently healthy meal together…I think. I’ll explain that later.  Option number two, is a convenience store called Campus Corner.  While this might “seem” ok, the selections are no better than you’d find at your larger Shell Station or Texaco.  Option tois is a pasta place called Red Sauce. Here they have, obviously, pasta with various toppings, Alfredo, putanescia, broccoli, ect.  They also have the american staple, pizza, and some mediocre salads that you can get with protein on them. By far the healthiest choice…barely.  And of course finally, my personal favorite Starbucks, where one can spend 6.50 for a meal credit or “swipe”.

So that doesn’t sound too bad right?  Whats the big deal?

After my surgery….I find that I question the nutritional content of things a LOT more often.  And this class has made it that much worse.  But most places here just don’t have that information available.  It’s probably one of the reasons I’m at Starbucks as much as I am. I can at least look that information up on the corporate site and build meals that meat my nutritional requirements and then get what I’m lacking elsewhere…usually at the convenience store.  But what the hell kind of diet is that!??!?!  Really!  Let me answer that…a SHITTY one!  My other option…eat at the “cafiterias” or at Red Sauce.  Which I do sometimes, but then I dont know what the hell I’m eating and on a diet that restricts me to 900cal a day < 20% fat and 60-80g Protein….Um….I kinda need to know what I’m stickin in my mouth. Not a lot of room to guess…

I “thought” it was required by law that companies make this information available….HAHAHAHAHAHAH!  So my question…Why don’t we practice what we preach! I had to build an entire menu based on some SERIOUSLY strict nutritional parameters for my class….but we as an institution cant seem to come up with one single “healthy” eating option…Unacceptable…

That’s it for now.

I promise next time I wont talk about nutrition….much!  🙂




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