28 Apr

I know I’ve been MIA but hey…I AM in culinary school.  ANYWAY….today I want to talk about a site, blog, vlog…I guess it’s appropriately called a podcast, that I’ve been hooked on for quite some time called WTF?! So…WTF is WTF?! Well There is a guy in New York City named Daniel Delaney, who is a food producer there in New York.

To quote his website ( “In 2011, Dan made his New Year’s resolution to learn about new foods through a daily web series called WTF: “What’s This Food?” Consequently, Dan re-launched his website,, to organize all his recent food projects, including his new food blog, Delaney Eats.”

He’s taking sponsorships for as little as $1 and I highly recommend you check him out.  He’s available on youtube, Itunes, and I believe he’s on Ustream now as well. Make sure you follow him on twitter: @danieldelaney and tell him @BsBigBite said hi!


2 Responses to “WTF!?”

  1. Daniel Delaney April 28, 2011 at 11:34 am #

    Hey Man!
    Thanks so so much for writing this up and sharing my show with your community. You rock! Good luck in Culinary School.


    • BryanA April 28, 2011 at 11:42 am #

      It’s my pleasure Dan. Be sure to check out my last blog about might a good source for some goodies for you! Thanks! I can use all the good luck I can get! I’m soooo close to done!!!

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