The Time Flies Files: Part Deux

13 Mar

In our last episode I was playing with my food and “crashing and burning” in a cooking competition.  Not much had changed!  Well I didn’t have any pride left to swallow so there probably wont be any mystery baskets in my near future. HA!  But It was approaching the end of the “Tri”and I was still needing an internship and FAST!!!

If you’ve read my Bio you already know…this whole ride has been real…spiritual. Thing that just don’t happen, well…they happened. I’ve busted my ass and things have just fallen into place, and my internship would prove to be no different.  Up until this point I knew I didn’t want to do an “ok” internship.  I was at one of the best culinary schools in the country and notably the world…I didn’t want to do my internship just to do it.  And I KNEW it wasn’t gonna be in providence.  I had places lined up to stage.  Even had an opportunity to work in NYC but Manhattan ain’t cheap and I just didn’t have the resources to live there, especially if I wasn’t getting paid!

See…MANY places that are of any caliber, simply don’t pay interns. You’re being “paid” in experience…even thought you are having to STILL pay tuition, and housing, and food, and utilities, and gas or busses….you get the idea.  And who are the students to argue.  I’m pretty sure John George has no problems finding interns to work at his restaurants.  And THAT’S the kind of place I wanted to work!

But time was ticking…and my doubt was growing. Sure I had Hemenway’s. That’s where I was working. It’s a great restaurant! One of the best seafood restaurants in New England. And not a bad backup plan. They’d pay me. I could afford to live there, hell I was already doing it! But I had already been there 8 months. I wasn’t gonna LEARN anything and I certainly wasn’t going to make any connections that might get me the kind of job I would want when I graduate!

But…they say it’s not about what you know…but WHO you know.

Something you WON’T find in my Bio, is that in April of 2010 I had Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding a.k.a. LapBand Surgery. This was the tool that allowed me to lose over 156 pounds (as of 3/1/11) and meet many wonderful people! One of those people, who I met in Las Vegas of all places, we’ll call her W, became a great friend of mine.  She has shared many events of my recent live both good and bad.  Well long story short, we were discussing my delema one day and she pipes up and said “I know a chef in Vegas! Let me see if he takes interns” At the time I was a bit excited in that Vegas is cool and might be a nice get away from the SNOW in New England. But at the same time I was a bit skeptical…there are lots of great places in Las Vegas…even some Michelin Star places but there are also plenty of crap holes there too. So I didn’t hold my breath but none the less…

It wasn’t 30 minutes later…I’m getting an email telling me to forward my resume to Chef Geno Bernardo!!  Now in case you’re lazy or just don’t know Geno is the Executive Chef of Nove Italiano at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. It’s rated one of the top if not THE top Italian restaurant in Nevada! They average 160 covers a night and see some of the worlds most famous diners.  Now…I have a soft spot for Italian food…I mean..I AM half Sicilian.  🙂 And W went to JWU with this guy so not only is he her friend, he’s ALUM!

So I did just that. Resume sent. A few hours later, I was being invited to Las Vegas to do my Externship!!!  Now I gotta figure out how to get there and where the hell am I gonna LIVE!  But it gets better! I have another friend, she a six year resident of Las Vegas.  I gave her a buzz get the scoop on good places to live in town. This girl tells me she just happens to have a room that will be available and if I want, she’d work with me on the rent since I was on a tight budget!

Are you kidding me! AGAIN?!?! If there was an ounce of doubt in my mind that this is what I’m supposed to be doing…it was GONE after talking to her.

So once again…I went “all in”, liquidated my assets shipped my luggage, and bought a plane ticket!

And the rest….well, that’ll be in the next episode. 😉



One Response to “The Time Flies Files: Part Deux”

  1. baker March 13, 2012 at 7:05 pm #

    Congrats man…it takes a set to pack up and take off…enjoy it. Will be out there in July with Estis and Robbins for DEFCON again, we’ll have to look you up 🙂

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