Viva Las Vegas!

20 Mar

So in our last installment, I was headed to Las Vegas! And well…now I’m here!

So my first day on the job was pretty cool! I met chef Geno. He gave me the tour around the kitchen and I met some of his sous chefs and then got dropped off on the “roast” station. On the hot line day 1?!?! Nuts! I thought for sure I’d be pealing potatoes or making pasta for a few weeks. Nope right into the fire and I was all sorts up to the challenge!

It’s a fun station! Busy, but not super busy. And defiantly a good place to start.  Not too many dishes but lots of fun! First dinner service was kinda busy but no bad. I got my hands dirty and by day 2 I was running the station myself…with a little backup of course. 🙂

Chef Geno is amazing. He’s VERY demanding but quite fair. Hes defiantly someone I could see myself working for.  Maybe it’s because I’m an “intern” but hes very good about making sure I get my hands on anything that might be “new”.  For example, I got to clean Fois Gras for the first time and he explained the whole process to me.

I got to tag along for a charity event. There is a shelter in LV called Catholic Charities that feeds needy people in the area.  Nove does a meal for them every year and this year I got to help serve the masses. It had been a while since I’ve volunteered and it felt good. I got the executive chefs card…I think I’ll be back.

Las Vegas is an interesting place. It’s nice here, the people can be kinda sketchy sometimes, and there are some dirty parts of the city, but most places are like that.  I think I could get use to it here…we’ll see how the weather gets here HAHAHA!

That’s all I got for now.  I think next week I’ll try to have some FOOD for you guys. I know you guys love my food porn!  Maybe I’ll work on that this week!

See ya next week!




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