Finally on the grind!

11 Jun

Once again I have to break my promise…Not much “food” to talk about today. Just another little peek at what is going on in B’s life. First and foremost…I GRADUATED! That’s right, B’s no longer a culinary student at JWU! I’ll always be a student but at least now I’m getting paid for it!

It feels good knowing that just under 2 years ago I set out to change my life and here I am now living my dream. I trained at one of the best schools in the world, graduated magna cum laude, and now I’m working at one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas. It’s hard to stay humble…but Chef Geno keeps my head on my shoulders where it belongs.

I’m loving Nove, loving Vegas, loving being a professional cook, loving learning, loving focusing on me, I’m loving my life!  I’ve never worked so hard and had so much fun doing it.  It’s truly a feeling that I hope never goes away!

The best part is now I have INCOME. Working for free was pretty brutal in many ways but it was an experience that changed my life on so many levels.  Now I can look forward to the next chapter in my life.  Focusing on my craft, my knowledge, and my network of colleagues and friends. It’s going to be a fun ride and I’m even more excited to take you guys with me!

Short and sweet…for now…Until next time!



Sprouting seeds

31 Mar

When I started this new chapter in my life I knew what the process was going to entail. I’d spend a few years absorbing, gathering knowledge, experience, ideas, and connections. Then the day would come when this seed would begin to sprout and begin to grow. I don’t know if I’m there yet. I know I’m close…or maybe I’m just anxious. But either way It’s really got me thinking about where I want to be and what I want to DO.

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about what I like, what I do well, and what I have yet to try. So I thought today I’d share a little about what I’ve experienced that I like, and what really gets me excited in the kitchen.  It might not be a good read…but it will certainly help me sort some things out in my head.

First and foremost. Fresh is best.  Local is even better. Pick a tomato from your garden, then go buy one from the grocery store that could have come from any number of countries. Then compare them in look, taste and texture.  The garden tomato will will every single time.  And even from an economic standpoint, I’d much rather put my money back in to the local economy than send it to a large company or even worse, other countries.  This goes for produce as well as proteins and dairy.  I’ll always buy local when available.

I think the next thing I am passionate about is waste.  There is a concept called “snout to tail” that embraces the idea of using most if not all of any product you buy.  Obviously the phrase is referring to a pig, useing all of the bones, cartalige, hooves, ears, ect for various applications, but we can apply this concept to produce such as celery, onions, carrots, or anything else that might yield left over “scrap”.

Consistency is the next thing I know I want to focus on. If I made 100 chicken Marsalas, every one of them would look and taste exactly alike.  But it doesn’t just apply to the kitchen.  I’ve worked in 4 kitchens now in my professional career, and my single biggest pet peeve and eventually the one thing that drives me away from a kitchen, is when Chef sais to do things one way, and then sous chef A instructs you differently, and then kitchen manager B has yet another method of doing things to the point that you are setting your station up and preping and even cooking a certain way depending on who is working that night.  I’ve seen it so bad that I would actually have to change my station over when one chef would leave and another would come on during my shift. This concept can apply to the front of the house as well.  Consistency in the way we treat our guests, adhere to service standards, react to situations, and resolve issues is what will ultimately make or break a business.

Quality is last on this list but certainly not unimportant.  Doing things properly from the polish on the stemware, to the seasoning on the food to cleaning the ovens properly, will only make food better and provide the best possible experience to our guests, which is exactly why I’m in this business.  I love food and I love to cook, don’t get me wrong, but in the end, the thing that gets my rocks off (snicker) is knowing that my guests have a dinner they will talk about for the next 2 days.

The next few things are more food related…things that get me fired up about cooking and make me want to get right into a kitchen.

Top on the list…Presentation. I love a beautiful plate. Something that has been put together with care, precision, and just plain ole….swagger!  Something you just stop and look at for a minute before you even think about touching your flatware.  Something like this:

Next I think, would be flavor.  I LOVE big and bold! Rich and full of flavor…just…wow on your tongue. Layers upon layers.  It’s hard to describe but easy to accomplish if you don’t take shortcuts  (Another pet peeve of mine) and put a little love in your work.  I think that’s the key. The love part. Letting ones passion come out.

I love working with fish…well seafood in general. You all know how I adore a well cooked scallop. I’ve also got a big fantasy to go hand diving for scallops. But I love the smell of a freshly caught fish and they taste soooooo good.

I also have a big fetish for what we’re now calling “Molecular Gastronomy” but its really just a new way of cooking food. A set of techniques that are a little outside the “classical” way of cooking.  One of the things I love about Nove, where I’m interning now, is the first day onthe job I walked in and saw an immersion circulator.

This device allows you to “poach” things at a very accurately controlled temperature.  It’s used for what we call sous vide cooking. Which basically means to cook things in vacuum sealed packages.  I won’t get too far into this…today….but it lets us cook things at lower temperatures for a longer period of time in its own fats and juices, and renders a VERY tender and perfectly cooked product.  Its very cool!  As a matter of fact, I’m working on building one of these at home and I’ll have a nice series of write-ups on it later.  But things like liquid nitrogen ice cream, peanut butter powder, freeze dried tea foams, and tomato soup spaghetti are things I love! Finding new ways to do things we’ve done for years, like cooking a perfect medium duck breast ‘sous vide’, really excite me.

For now…that’s about it. As time goes on and my experiences broaden, I’m sure I’ll add more to this list. But I think that’s enough for today.

I don’t know how interesting of a read it was…but it was something I certinaly needed to do so…thanks for reading, and I PROMISE…I’ll have some real food next time!

Until then


Viva Las Vegas!

20 Mar

So in our last installment, I was headed to Las Vegas! And well…now I’m here!

So my first day on the job was pretty cool! I met chef Geno. He gave me the tour around the kitchen and I met some of his sous chefs and then got dropped off on the “roast” station. On the hot line day 1?!?! Nuts! I thought for sure I’d be pealing potatoes or making pasta for a few weeks. Nope right into the fire and I was all sorts up to the challenge!

It’s a fun station! Busy, but not super busy. And defiantly a good place to start.  Not too many dishes but lots of fun! First dinner service was kinda busy but no bad. I got my hands dirty and by day 2 I was running the station myself…with a little backup of course. 🙂

Chef Geno is amazing. He’s VERY demanding but quite fair. Hes defiantly someone I could see myself working for.  Maybe it’s because I’m an “intern” but hes very good about making sure I get my hands on anything that might be “new”.  For example, I got to clean Fois Gras for the first time and he explained the whole process to me.

I got to tag along for a charity event. There is a shelter in LV called Catholic Charities that feeds needy people in the area.  Nove does a meal for them every year and this year I got to help serve the masses. It had been a while since I’ve volunteered and it felt good. I got the executive chefs card…I think I’ll be back.

Las Vegas is an interesting place. It’s nice here, the people can be kinda sketchy sometimes, and there are some dirty parts of the city, but most places are like that.  I think I could get use to it here…we’ll see how the weather gets here HAHAHA!

That’s all I got for now.  I think next week I’ll try to have some FOOD for you guys. I know you guys love my food porn!  Maybe I’ll work on that this week!

See ya next week!



The Time Flies Files: Part Deux

13 Mar

In our last episode I was playing with my food and “crashing and burning” in a cooking competition.  Not much had changed!  Well I didn’t have any pride left to swallow so there probably wont be any mystery baskets in my near future. HA!  But It was approaching the end of the “Tri”and I was still needing an internship and FAST!!!

If you’ve read my Bio you already know…this whole ride has been real…spiritual. Thing that just don’t happen, well…they happened. I’ve busted my ass and things have just fallen into place, and my internship would prove to be no different.  Up until this point I knew I didn’t want to do an “ok” internship.  I was at one of the best culinary schools in the country and notably the world…I didn’t want to do my internship just to do it.  And I KNEW it wasn’t gonna be in providence.  I had places lined up to stage.  Even had an opportunity to work in NYC but Manhattan ain’t cheap and I just didn’t have the resources to live there, especially if I wasn’t getting paid!

See…MANY places that are of any caliber, simply don’t pay interns. You’re being “paid” in experience…even thought you are having to STILL pay tuition, and housing, and food, and utilities, and gas or busses….you get the idea.  And who are the students to argue.  I’m pretty sure John George has no problems finding interns to work at his restaurants.  And THAT’S the kind of place I wanted to work!

But time was ticking…and my doubt was growing. Sure I had Hemenway’s. That’s where I was working. It’s a great restaurant! One of the best seafood restaurants in New England. And not a bad backup plan. They’d pay me. I could afford to live there, hell I was already doing it! But I had already been there 8 months. I wasn’t gonna LEARN anything and I certainly wasn’t going to make any connections that might get me the kind of job I would want when I graduate!

But…they say it’s not about what you know…but WHO you know.

Something you WON’T find in my Bio, is that in April of 2010 I had Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding a.k.a. LapBand Surgery. This was the tool that allowed me to lose over 156 pounds (as of 3/1/11) and meet many wonderful people! One of those people, who I met in Las Vegas of all places, we’ll call her W, became a great friend of mine.  She has shared many events of my recent live both good and bad.  Well long story short, we were discussing my delema one day and she pipes up and said “I know a chef in Vegas! Let me see if he takes interns” At the time I was a bit excited in that Vegas is cool and might be a nice get away from the SNOW in New England. But at the same time I was a bit skeptical…there are lots of great places in Las Vegas…even some Michelin Star places but there are also plenty of crap holes there too. So I didn’t hold my breath but none the less…

It wasn’t 30 minutes later…I’m getting an email telling me to forward my resume to Chef Geno Bernardo!!  Now in case you’re lazy or just don’t know Geno is the Executive Chef of Nove Italiano at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. It’s rated one of the top if not THE top Italian restaurant in Nevada! They average 160 covers a night and see some of the worlds most famous diners.  Now…I have a soft spot for Italian food…I mean..I AM half Sicilian.  🙂 And W went to JWU with this guy so not only is he her friend, he’s ALUM!

So I did just that. Resume sent. A few hours later, I was being invited to Las Vegas to do my Externship!!!  Now I gotta figure out how to get there and where the hell am I gonna LIVE!  But it gets better! I have another friend, she a six year resident of Las Vegas.  I gave her a buzz get the scoop on good places to live in town. This girl tells me she just happens to have a room that will be available and if I want, she’d work with me on the rent since I was on a tight budget!

Are you kidding me! AGAIN?!?! If there was an ounce of doubt in my mind that this is what I’m supposed to be doing…it was GONE after talking to her.

So once again…I went “all in”, liquidated my assets shipped my luggage, and bought a plane ticket!

And the rest….well, that’ll be in the next episode. 😉


The Time Flies Files: Part 1

4 Mar

So I woke up this morning in my lovely campsite on beautiful Las Vegas and I realized…WOW! I have not blogged in over FOUR months and a WHOLE lot has happened in B’s life. So I’m gonna catch you guys up as efficiently as possible. We’ll call this blog part one…there will probably be a part 2 and 3…we’ll see how energetic I am.

So in our last episode, I was beginning to toy around with Molecular Gastronomy. I picked up some really cool toys from

Spheres from liquids, powders from pastes, pasta made of soy sauce, and all sorts of other cool recipes became my focus for a bit. I had a blast making things like this:

It felt really good when you put so much time and research into something and turn out a dish that looks like this. And…it was SO MUCH FUN! Did I mention, I love cooking?! ANYWAY! I’ll put more picutres up and I make new and interesting things. I’m currently playing with alcohol and mixers to make some cool things. More on that in a later blog.

In other news.

My good friend, colleague, and well…my damn BOY, Yang (that’s his name) talked me into entering a cooking competition with him. It was a mystery basket competition put on my the Cooking Asia club at JWU. There were 6 teams, we had 1 hour to put out 2 plates. Now I’ve never competed before in my life. Work is a competition sometimes, especially when we get to make VIP courses “on the fly” but this was something different. We were going to be judged by some of the toughest, most experienced, and quite frankly…best chefs at JWU.  These guys have been all over the world and worked in Michelin star restaurants and they were going to be judging OUR food.  EXCITING!!!

For those of you who don’t know, a mystery basket is like that show “Chopped” You get a basket with some unknown ingredients in it. They say go, you open it up and see what’s inside. Then you have an hour to turn it into something amazing.

Yang and I had a couple practice sessions at my apartment and were feeling good. Then…game day. We were there SUPER early, armed to the teeth with equipment, and ready to go to war! We had our briefing from the judges, and then it was go time.

They unveiled this AMAZING table of ingredients we could utilize:

Then we got our “basket”….

Inside…4 fresh…beautiful…DUCK BREASTS!

Now duck is one of my favorite proteins.  It’s rich, full of flavor, and renders some AWESOME fat to cook with!  But we had no time to be excited.  We now had 58 minutes to “do work” and we needed a game plan.  We had already discussed strategy going into the competition.  The theme was Asian, so that was easy.  We were going to keep things simple, put a lot of emphasis on the protein, really make it shine, and make a basic, and beautiful, starch, veg, and protein plate.

The plan was to make a super flavorful marinade for the duck and make a confit (cooked in animal fat) of vegetables.  We had selected, eggplant, zucchini, chayote squash and Brussels sprouts for our veg.  Now it was time to get moving!  We knew an hour was not a lot of time and we’d really have to “mueve tu culo” to get it done.  So Yang started prepping veg, and I was on the marinade. Things were going great. We had about 5 timers going to keep us on track, we were well organized and feeling good.  15 minutes in, we had the fat and skin rendering, duck in the marinade, poaching water was on and heating up, and and veg was just about prepped.

Next I would roll the breasts in plastic, this makes a nice uniform shape for slicing and ensures even cooking in the water.  The poaching liquid was at 185 and holding (perfect for poaching)…I cant tell you how perfect everything was going. We couldn’t have scripted it better.

Duck went in the water and I was cooking the veg in the duck fat (yummmmm)..then it hit me…in all our planning and organization…we DIDN’T DECIDE ON A STARCH!!


No biggie…we’re both experienced cooks, we’ve been in the weeds before. Yang looked at me and sais “risotto?”  Now…let me back track here…I have been dubbed the king of risotto at JWU…at least that’s what my classmates say…I’ve made a risotto in every single class for the past 2 years and I can say this without being too cocky…I’m pretty damn good at it. After all, it is one of my favorite things to eat and cook.  But I looked at my watch…20 minutes left and we didn’t even have a stock on yet.  But what the hell right?  You only live once and neither one of us had anything to lose so I didn’t even answer him. I just went to work.  I think at one point I had all 4 of our allotted burners going at the same time making the risotto, the confit, and searing the poached duck.

I won’t bore you with the details…but in a nutshell, we banged out the duck, which was (pardon my french) fucking PERFECT, finished the veg(kinda…more on that in a minute), I actually finished a smacking risotto in 15 minutes, AND managed to make a pretty nice pan sauce. Yang was working on getting the plateing done and I was bringing the pans to the plating table…with only 90 seconds left…Yep…all that hard work and there just wasn’t enough time to get it all on the plate.  I knew it…I think Yang knew it…I was heart broken…big time…but…there wasn’t time to for that. We had to get plates out…NOW.

The veg was already on the plate, so I did a super quick slice on the duck, found the best 2 pieces and put em on the place.  In the end, our Poached & Pan Seared duck, over vegetable confit, with an Asian spiced risotto and duck pan sauce ended up being this:

Not a bad plate on it’s own…but it wasn’t even close to what we wanted.

In the end…the judges loved the duck, the veg was nice but…the Brussels sprouts were pretty raw…we needed to blanch them first, and the plate was pretty lacking overall. The judges asked about the rest of the dish and in the end told us it was a shame it didn’t make it on the plate because it would have made our offering hard to beat.

We didn’t get last…but we didn’t get first.  We had a LOT of fun and learned a lot.  I think we both wish we had time to compete again but as life would have it…neither one of us are in Providence right now so that’s not gonna happen any time soon but who knows…maybe we’ll get another chance to redeem ourselves in the future.

That’s all for now.  See you soon in “The Time Flies Files: Part 2”

*HUGE Thanks, hugs, and kisses to Lisa Chu for the awesome photographs! Thanks girl!

Is This Organic Chemistry or a Kitchen?

24 Oct

Fall is among us! And so is the COLD!

My first fall in New England and its nice so far. The colors, the weather, its actually nice! It gets a little chilly, but it’s not unbearable…yet.  In my personal/professional life, I found out I have yet ONE MORE term of classes. Not really a full load, 2 to be exact…so it wont be so bad. But that means I have to do the one thing I said I didnt want to…spend another winter in New England. Brrrr.  But it will be alright. I’m in a good place at Hemenway’s.  Things are going well there. I still get my ass kicked on the line from time to time and I still need to get do some things much faster, but I’ll get there no doubt.

Chris Young from The Modernist Cuisine, among other AMAZING feats, came to JWU to talk to students a few weeks ago.  It was quite an interesting talk on their book(s) and we got some insight on him as a person and a little more info on some things that might be in the pipe at JWU.  If you arent aware, Chris’ Book is a set of books that takes a serious look at the “Science” of cookery, why things happen, and introduces the reader to a new way of thinking about cooking that people have come to call Molecular Gastronomy.  Chris left me very moved.  I grew up asking why. I do it still today.  It’s why I took apart my fathers brand new riding lawnmower when I was 5, it’s why I loved organic chemistry lab, it’s why I was good at computer programing back in the day, and it’s why I fell in love with every single page of that 450 dollar cookbook.

There is a bit of controversy in the food world about the introduction of since into their art form.  And I don’t blame them. There is a lot of tradition in cookery. And some people feel like that might be in danger, and who knows it might. But I, for one, feel that old techniques were once “new” techniques, traditions were once “fresh ideas”, and if we take that approach with what we are seeing today, amazing things can happen!  I’ll end the rant, but needless to say, you’ll see some interesting things on the blog as soon as I get some things put together and have a little time to start “cooking”.

And if anyone is interested in participating or has some good sources feel free to share!

Before I go…I want to share something. I’m going to change gears a minute and hot into my “sissy-mary”, tree hugging hippie pants a minute and offer up a little confession and share a little cooking lesson.

The female lobster, when she has eggs, will have several hundred at a time.  She stores them under her tail like so:

The eggs will stay there, well protected, for several months at which time she will let them hatch and then the babies are on their own and she will be on her merry way.  Now when fisherman fish for lobsters, if they encounter a female with eggs, they are required to throw them back. Sometimes they get marked (notice the “V” cut into her tail) or tagged but most of the time they just get tossed back in the drink.  When they reach shore and are sold, if the buyer encounters a female with eggs, and it happens on occasion, they simply notify the vendor and it’s replaced and sent to an aquarium.

Well, the other night I was working, as I typically do….every damn night….and a lobster came across my station to be steamed. They usualy get dropped on my raw fish board, I read the ticket and either crack it open or toss it in the steamer. Well we were pretty busy and I was in a grove and didn’t even think twice. I snatched her up and tossed her right in.  Then eight minutes later…my heart sunk. I can’t describe what it made me feel like. It was like one of those movies when someone kills someone and they try to scrub the blood off their hands but the guilt just never goes away…For a brief moment…that’s how I felt.  At that point the damage was done so it’s not like I had any other option but to keep on moving, but needless to say…that’s one mistake, I won’t be making ever again.

Until next time.

Buon Appetito,


Humble pie and a little surprise

22 Aug

You might have noticed, but I have been away a couple months. The summer was quite interesting. I THOUGHT I was going to have a great internship in New York, and it almost happened too…but as usual, money was an issue. Tuition and NYC living just proved to be too expensive for me. So I delayed the internship until this winter when I would have the help of the federal government and my banking institution. So I decided I’d venture back to the Lone Star State and find a job to at least keep myself sharp for fall classes. I found a job at what was supposed to be an amazing resort nestled in the deep of Lake Conroe, just north of Houston. It started off great! Spent a few days working in the garde manger kitchen making salads and such. Then I went to the banquet kitchen and spent a few days there making food for 3, 4, 500 people at a time. Again, so far….an awesome experience. But then as fate would have it…my next appointment was working in a cabana grill, poolside (the kids pool…hahaha) with a portable flat grill and 2 deep-fat fryers where I flipped burgers and made nachos for the remainder of the summer. So much for the amazing resort experience.

But I learned something this summer about being a professional. Sure I was in the heat every day. And I’m talking HOT. It was 100+ outside without the heat of a kitchen. But every day I got up, and I shined my shoes, my pants were clean and sharp, and my jacket was ironed and clean and I flipped burgers and made nachos better than anyone in the entire resort….I don’t know why. I could have just quit…and maybe I should have but that’s just not me. That’s the job they needed done so I did it. And I did it to the best of my ability. Mmmmm. Humble pie.

But that’s over. Summer’s on it’s way out and I’m back in beautiful Providence RI. (At least till the snow comes back…bah!) The weather here is amazing right now! I’ve landed a job at Hemenway’s Seafood Grill and Oyster Bar, it’s really nice place near downtown where I’m working an oven & steamer station. I love the menu here and their entire philosophy of local, fresh, and seasonal seafood. It’s owned by a pretty strong restaurant group and there is a good potential for growth for me here! Assuming I can survive the winter. Or want to! HA!

School is school…I start my LAST Tri of classes is just a couple weeks! I’m excited! After that I’ve just got my internship and I’m DONE! So I’m hunting a nice one. I’d love to go to LA or New Orleans (Translated….some place warm) But if it falls through, I always have Hemenway’s so I’m in great shape there!

My culinary interests are still very broad. I can imagine they will be for many years to come. But I’ve been thinking about what I really like, the things that make me….me. I’m really loving seafood and spice and things from the south. Maybe it’s the Cajun in me…the Texan starting to stick his little head out. I’m not sure, but I’m becoming much more comfortable and adventurous in that arena.

So…now you guys are all caught up. But I promised you a surprise didn’t I? Oh alright…to the kitchen!!

It’s no secret that I take my nutrition seriously. I’m always looking to make the food I eat healthier and better for me! So today, I’ll share with you guys how I prepare one of my favorite snacks! Greek Yogurt! And we’ll even take it up a notch and use fresh peaches and even “another” notch and use a natural agave sweetener. Not my normal artificial sweetener, I know, but like I said…it’s a treat!

Let’s gather out ingredients.

First let’s get some Greek Yogurt. It’s pretty easy to make from scratch, but we’ll save that for another blog. I went with my favorite non-fat brand for my friend Amy in CA, but any yogurt is just fine.


Then we need some fresh fruit! Being summer, I went with peaches, but any fruit that doesn’t have too much water in it is just fine for what we’re going to do.


But the peaches themselves aren’t sweet enough for themselves AND the tangy yogurt, so we’re gonna help them along with some organic agave nectar. Splenda is fine. Hell, you could use table sugar if you like but I’m trying to keep things somewhat healthy today. 🙂


Now that the hard part is done it’s time to make a syrup. Let’s start by getting the peaches peeled, pitted, sliced, and cut into small pieces. Nothing exact, roughly 1/4 to 3/8 an inch.


I plan on making 6 1/2 cup servings so I’m going to use 6 tablespoons of agave nectar, you will have to play with this, just remember to adjust the calories if you count them. So, in a pot, add a cup or so (roughly 1/3 of what we prepared) of the diced peach pieces, all of the peels, and the agave nectar. Then we’ll cover it with water and let it simmer until the peaches are nice and soft. Soft enough to press through with a spoon.


Now we want to get all that good peach infused liquid out of the pot. Personally I like the French press, but a china cap, strainer, salad spinner, cheese cloth, Slayer t-Shirt or coffee filter will work just the same. You can discard the peaches, they shouldn’t have too much flavor left, but might be good in a gallon of sun tea or maybe a bottle of vodka..or some homemade wine (wink, wink) Be creative!


Now we have this awesome, liquidy, peach goodness. But it may, and should be, pretty thin. We need to change that so, be sure to clean the pot first…we don’t want any pulp or any burnt bits in our clean syrup, add the liquid back to the pot and let’s simmer it until its nice and thick, keep the flame low. We want tiny bubbles so we don’t scorch the sugars in the agave. This won’t take long, just let it go until it coats the back of a spoon and then a minute or two longer.


We’re almost done! As soon as you turn of the flame, add the remaining peach pieces, the ones we haven’t used or snacked on yet, to the syrup. This will help cool the mixture and also soften the peaches a little. Now it’s time to line up our containers and spoon a tablespoon of our peach mixture into the bottom of each container and allow them to cool completely. It won’t hurt to put them in the fridge.

After everything is cooled off, spoon 1/2c of yogurt into each container cover and let them chill for a couple hours. If presentation is an issue, let the mixture freeze slightly before spooning in your yogurt, it will prevent the syrup from mixing with the yogurt and make for a clean presentation.


That’s it! For you calorie counters, each container contains 1/2 c Greek yogurt, 1tbsp of agave nectar, and 1tbsp of peaches equaling 129.1 calories and 11.6g of protein. The more you play with it the more that will change. Be creative! Play with it! Make it your own creation, and as always send me your pictures and suggestions! Until next time.

Buon Appetito,